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our story

In 2018 Marisa Taitano and Rudy Pacheco became the new owners of Tangerine Hair Studio. 


Together these two bring 17 years of professional hair experience along with a fresh and passionate perspective. Tangerine Hair Studio has a two decade history in San Jose and our team has embraced change and provides a safe and creative space for all. Our gender-neutral pricing aligns with our goal of inclusivity and a safer space for all clients, not just folks who identify within the gender binary.


our space

Tangerine Hair Studio has recently made an exciting move to the Midtown neighborhood in San Jose. You can find our beautiful salon proudly located amongst other San Jose small businesses like Happa’s Brewery, Chromatic Coffee Co. and Good Karma Bikes.  Tangerine Hair Studio is a welcoming and professional creative space for hairdressers and clients that appreciate the art of hair and is an inclusive environment that serves the diverse community surrounding it.

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